To everyone who is interested in Animal psychology, welcome to Saijo, the home of sake.

This year we will hold a annual meeting in Higashi-Hiroshima City, which is home to Hiroshima University. It is the first time for Hiroshima University to organize this meeting. The venue is Higashi Hiroshima Arts & Culture Hall “Kurara”, which opened in spring 2016. The meeting will be held from August 28th to 30th, during the heat of summer, but we would be delighted if people can gather for heated discussions at the cool Kurara! Please come and join us.

On the afternoon of the first day, we will hold an open symposium, ”補助犬の普及について考える-市民と共に考える-” hosted by JSAP. We will ask relevant specialists to talk about the relationship between human and dogs, e.g. assistance dogs, guide dogs, hearing dogs, drug detection dogs, rescue dogs, therapy dogs, etc. This was planned, with cooperation from local citizens, based on our desire to deepen people’s relationship with dogs as it is seen through training.

On the afternoon of second day, we will hold an international symposium,” Animal Cognition: Space, Timing, and Memory from Neuron to Behavior”. Dr. Meck and Dr. Williams from Duke university, and Dr. Colombo from University of Otago will visit Japan. We hope that you will also actively participate in these discussions. They are all wonderful researchers, so we are optimistic that the next generation of young researchers will take part in gentle but heated debates.

On this occasion, Hiroshima University put out a call, in particular to the young members of JSAP, to engage the support of neighboring universities, and established an organizing committee. As the committee chair, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you. One project is the Research Award for young scientists, which is being planned as usual. I would encourage any member who obtained their doctorate within the last three years to actively enter. Also, poster presentations for face-to-face discussion have been set up on the second and third day for any members who were unfortunately unable to apply for an oral presentation. I am hoping that people will take the time to deepen their research content. On the evening of the second day, please come to our banquet and enjoy delicious sake from Saijo. I sincerely look forward to seeing you there.

Shogo Sakata, Ph. D. Hiroshima University
Chair of the Organizing Committee of the 78th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society for Animal Psychology