1. Deadline
      Anyone willing to make a presentation should submit abstract by 24:00 on June 15th (FRI) 25th (Mon), 2018. Please note that we do not accept any submission after the due date. Submission is scheduled to begin in mid-May 2018.


    1. How to Submit

      Deadline: June 15th(Fri) 25th (Mon) 24:00 (GMT+9)


      Registration page of regular presentation
      Deadline: June 15th(Fri) 25th (Mon) 24:00 (GMT+9)


      Registration page of presentation on the Japanese Journal of Animal Psychology
      Deadline: Aug 27th(Mon)24:00(GMT+9)

      First authors are required to make the registration and abstract submission. Presentations will be canceled if either the registration or submission is lacking.

    2. Presentation format
      Please choose a presentation format from Oral (Research Award for Young Scientists/ General) or Poster (Undergraduate/ General). Non-member undergraduate students are permitted to submit a poster presentation.A change of format may be requested depending on circumstances. Each individual is permitted to serve as first author on only one presentation. The time and date of each presentation will be decided by the Organizing Committee.

      • Each presentation is 15 minutes including 3 minutes for Q&A. All presentations must be given in English. Either Japanese or English can be used in the Q & A. The Research Award presentation will be in English only. Undergraduate students and master’s students will be allowed to give their presentation in Japanese, but should prepare their title and abstract in English.
      • 60 minutes is the core time for the poster presentations


    1. Eligibility
      • First author of each presentation must be a member of the Japanese Society for Animal Psychology and have completed the payment of the membership fee. Individuals who are willing to become a member are required to submit an application form to Secretariat Office of the JSAP by the deadline of early registrations.
      • Non-members of JSAP are permitted to become a co-author. Payment of registration fee is required to attend the meeting.
      • Non-member undergraduate students are permitted to become first author of their poster presentation. The presentation should be submitted in collaboration with a corresponding author. Early registration and abstract submission are required.


    1. Presentation for Research Award for Young Scientists
      Any member who obtained their doctorate within the last three years is permitted to make a presentation. Anyone wishing to apply for the Research Award should send an application form (download from JSAP website), abstract (an A4 sized page), and CV to the President of Selection Committee, Dr. Takimoto at Hokkaido University via email (atakimoto[at]; *replace [at] with @) after making a registration and abstract submission. Deadline is 24:00 on June 15th (FRI). Please refer to the article about the Research Award for Young Scientists on the JSAP website.


  1. Workshop
    An opportunity has been set up for free plan research presentations by members. Anyone willing to organize a workshop should submit by 24:00 on June 15th (FRI), 2018. The submission can be made by sending a completed application form to organizing committee (jsap2018[at]; *replace [at] with @). Acceptance or rejection may be decided by the committee depending on circumstances.

Workshop Registration Form
Deadline: June 15th (Fri) 24:00 (GMT+9)