Access in Response to the Torrential Rain 2018

A record torrential rain hit many parts of West and East Japan, causing one landslide-related disaster and flooding of a river after another in many prefectures including Hiroshima, Okayama, and Ehime. The City of Higashi Hiroshima has been cut off from access by local railway services (JR Sanyo Line) . Available means of access available now is by using Hiroshima Airport, Sanyo Shinkansen (the Bullet train) or using Sanyo Express Way and National Route 2. Here we’re going to introduce how to access to the venue.

    1. Access from Hiroshima Airport
        • Hiroshima Airport → Limousine Bus(about 25min.)→ Saijo Sta. → Walking(about 4min.)→ venue
        • Hiroshima Airport → Bus(about 15min)→ Shiraichi Sta. → JR Sanyo Line(about 20min)→ Saijo Sta. → Walking(about 4min)→ venue

      ※ JR West has resumed services between Shiraichi and Hachihonmatsu station on the Sanyo Line from 21st August.

    1. Access from Higashi-Hiroshima Station(Shinkansen)
      • Higashi-Hiroshima Sta. → bus(about 20min.)→ Saijo Sta. → Walking(about 4min.)→ venue
      • Higashi-Hiroshima Sta. → taxi(about 15min.)→ venue
      • Higashi-Hiroshima Sta. → bus(about 15min.) → Hiroshima University → bus(about 12min) → 中央公園前 (Chuo Koen Mae, “in front of Central Park”) → Walking(about 1min.) → venue
        ※ Cause Additional Bus Services Arranged between Higashi Hiroshima Station and Hiroshima University, there are more choice of timetable if you change “Saijo Sta. – Hiroshima University Line (down by the Boulevard)”bus at Hiroshima University.
        ※ Bus services between Higashi-Hiroshima station and Higashi-Hiroshima campus of Hiroshima University are expected to be back to their Regular Timetable (only 4 inbound/outbound buses per day) from Friday 24th August 2018 onwards and is not recommended anymore.
    1. Access from Hiroshima Station
        • Hiroshima Sta. → Shinkansen Hikari(Light)・Kodama(Echo)(about 10min.)→ Higashi-Hiroshima Sta. → Same as (2) above
        • Hiroshima Bus Center → Green Phoenix Express(about 60min.)→ 大坪通 (Otsubo-Dori*, “Otsubo Street”) → Walking(about 8min.)→ venue

      ※ In non-Japanese version Google Map, “大坪通” is shown as “Otsubotsu”

  1. Access by private car or retal car
    • Hiroshima – Saijo:Sanyo Express Way and National Route 2 were repaired
    • Okayama – Saijo:Sanyo Express Way and National Route 2 were repaired

※Because of the traffic jam, National Route 31 from Kure is not recommended.
※JR Sanyo Line need to be repaired from either side of Saijo.
※You can check the homepage of RCC to get the news of traffic information.


The venue, Higashi Hiroshima Arts & Culture Hall “Kurara” is located near to the JR Saijo station which is about 40 minutes from JR Hiroshima station by train.

1. On foot: about 4 minutes from JR Saijo Station
2. By Taxi: about 15 minutes from Higashi-Hiroshima “Shinkan-sen” Station

Please note that we will not arrange accommodation nor transport for participants. Please book by yourself.